Village Officials                                  Phone

Mayor: Jerry Wilson                          618-225-1311

Clerk: Mark Nadler                           618-286-3285

Treasurer: Darilyn Holzhauer

Trustee: Ron Dell                     618-612-9424

Trustee: Dawn Keys                           618-340-4123

Trustee: Tammy Taylor                        618-612-9422

Trustee: Joe Basinski                        618-779-0300

Trustee: Ken Phillips                        618-779-7859

Trustee: Kerry Foster                        618-286-3464


Attorney: Charlie Swartwout




Jerry Wilson, Mayor


Jerry has been a Dupo resident since 1974. He graduated from Dupo Community High School in 1984. From high school, Jerry enlisted in the United States Air Force. Duiring his seven year career in the military, he served in places such as Florida, Germany and Louisiana before returning home to Illinois.


After his career in the Air Force, Jerry worked for Kraft Foods in Granite City for 16 years. After taking an early retirement, Jerry went on to own two separate Businesses in the local area which he sold in 2015. Jerry now works as an independent contractor.


Jerry and his wife of 28 years have two children and one grandchild who reside in Dupo.


Ken Phillips, Trustee


My name is Ken Phillips. I am Park Chairman and Gas Chairman and oversee duties in each department. I was elected to the village board in 1999 and have served 4 terms and now starting my 5th term May 2015.


Some of my accomplishments are building of the Dupo Park in 2003, Main Street project block/fence in 2009, new Village Hall in 2014, and many other projects.


I also chair the Park Activities committee that oversees and runs all activities in the park, picnics, movie nights, etc.
If I can be of any assistance to you, feel free to contact me at (618) 779-7859.


Thank you for allowing me to serve you.


Joe Basinski, Trustee


I am currently serving my third term as a Trustee. My first term began in May, 2007, and I was appointed Chairman of the Street Department. I was appointed to my current position as Chairman of the Water Department in 2013.


I have also served as Chairman of the Zoning and Planning Board on which I served from June, 2001, to May, 2007.


Dawn Keys, Trustee


Mark Nadler, Village Clerk


25 year Dupo resident

Appointed as Clerk in 2007

Elected as Clerk in 2009 and 2013.

Other community involvement:

Active zoning board member since 2003.

Former school board member from 1999-2015.


Darilyn J. Holzhauer, Treasurer


Darilyn J. Holzhauer was appointed Treasurer of the Village of Dupo in October, 2006. Darilyn is originally from Centralia, Illinois, and the daughter of a railroad engineer. Darilyn graduated from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy. She has also done post-graduate work at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.


Darilyn passed the CPA Exam in 1991. Darilyn has 25 years of accounting experience in various industries, including public accounting, manufacturing, payroll, and municipality/county government.


Darilyn enjoys traveling in her free time. She especially likes attending professional tennis tournaments in Europe and America. Darilyn also enjoys the company of her two rescue dogs.