Storm water pollutants find their way into where we fish, what we drink and where we swim.


Everything that goes into our storm drains-grass clippings, soap, pesticides, pet waste, whatever-makes its way straight to our streams.


Stormwater pollution is our biggest source of water-pollution. It all adds up. It all comes back. And you’re the solution, now that you know where it goes.







What is wrong with this picture? The people are taking care of their home and car, but they are doing many things that can damage the environment, especially our water.




1. Car is leaking oil & antifreeze into the street.

2. Sprinkler is watering the sidewalk.

3.Man is littering.

4. Raking leaves into plastic bags- use compost.

5 . Pouring oil down sewer.


Go to http://www.epa.gov/OWOW/NPS/kids/whatwrng.htm

Click on the spots where you think someone is doing something wrong for an explanation and how we can do to protect our environment.



Stormwater Tips:


  • Sweep driveways instead of hosing.


  • Place trash in closed-containers and pick up litter from others.


  • Don’t pour anything into the street or storm drain. It ends up in your rivers and streams.


  • Pick up after your pet when you walk them.