The Abandoned Newborn Infant Act offers a protected legal alternative to unsafe infant

abandonment. There are many new mothers who feel there is no where to turn because she simply

can not take care of her child or other reasons that she feels and does not know how or who to ask

for help.


Under the Illinois Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act, babies are saved from an unsafe

abandonment. The law says that parents who do not harm their baby cannot be prosecuted for

abandonment if they hand their newborn (up to 30 days old) to personnel at a safe haven facility.

No questions asked.


An unharmed newborn up to 30 days old may be handed off to a staff member at the Village of

Dupo Police Department, no questions asked.


Contact The Village of Dupo Police Department:

100 North 2nd Street

Dupo, IL. 62239

Phone: (618) 286-3397


The Police Department is staffed 24 hours a day.


For more information about adoption, please call the Illinois Adoption Registry at 1-877-323-5299

(toll free in Illinois) or click here to visit their web site.