To APPLY For Gas Services


If you are not already a Village of Dupo customer, please contact the Village gf Dugo to request service or by stopping by the Village of

Dupo Hall business offices. An “account opening” charge fee will appear on your first bill. We may request a security deposit if

satisfactory credit has not been established. Each month your bill will include a customer charge for each meter on your account, regardless

of gas usage.


To Transfer Your Service


If you plan to relocate and need to transfer your natural gas service, we appreciate hearing about this ahead of time. We want to help

make your move run smoothly.


To Discontinue Service


If you wish to have your gas service turned off, please let us know promptly. We need to read the meter in order to close your account

and bill you properly. Please help us by providing easy access to your meter.


About Your Gas Meter.


The Village of Dupo reads your meter every month. in order to read your meter, we need to have access. Please keep your shrubs trimmed

and restrain your dog when our meter reader visits.


Reading Your Gas Meter


Reading your meter is easy! Village of Dupo uses two kinds of meters for residential customers. One is a direct dial meter that can

be read like a digital clock the other type of meter has a dial like the illustration in Section V at the end of this handbook.


Meter Tampering is Illegal


Tampering with natural gas meters and piping endangers the lives and property of yourself and others. This act may lead to discontinuance

of service, criminal prosecution, or both. Ultimately, this unlawful act affects everyone. If you know of someone tampering with gas lines

or meters, please call the Village of Dupo Hall. All information will be kept confidential.


Paying Your Natural Gas Bill


Village of Dupo may from time to time estimate your natural gas bill based upon the size of your appliances or past usage. Please give

Natural Gas a call if you have a question about your bill. You may pay your gas bill by mail or in person at your Village of Dupo Hall.

When paying by mail, be sure to include the tear-off payment portion of your bill with your check or money order. Monthly bills are due

by the date indicated on the bill. “If you foresee difficulty in paying your gas bill, please call our Village of Dupo Hall. We will gladly

work with you to make payment arrangements. It is important to call us to avoid service disconnection.


Understanding Your Natural Gas Bill


The Village of Dupo sends you a bill each month for your gas usage. Your bill includes a customer charge plus a gas charge that is

calculated from your natural gas usage and the cost of gas for your service period. Your actual usage for the billing period

is calculated from your previous and present meter reading. The date your meter was read is also included on your bill. Each month

the cost of natural gas is calculated based upon the following factors:

BTU Content

Cost of Wholesale gas

Pipeline Transportation Costs

Village /City Distribution Costs and Overheads

This cost is then multiplied by your natural gas usage. This charge is then added to your customer charge and a State Utility Tax

to get your total monthly bill (Amount Due).


Pilot lighting


During normal working hours or after normal working hours no service charge will be made to light a furnace or any pilot light on any

appliance if the Village of Dupo is responsible for loss of gas service. No charge will be made at any time to check a possible gas

leak. As a rule, if it involves human safety such as a gas leak or a furnace pilot out in cold weather, no charge will be made.


Right of Entry


Village of Dupo shall have the authority to enter any building, structure or premises at any reasonable hour for the purpose of

making inspections. In the case of an emergency, Village of Dupo shall have the right of entry at any time, provided such entry is

necessary in the interest of public safety.