List of Fees


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                                      Water                  Gas

Renter                         $100.00                 $150.00

Owner                         $50.00                 $100.00

Commercial              $100.00                $225.00


Startup requirements:

Renters – In order to sign up for services you will have to make sure your landlord calls office to let us know you will be moving in. You will be

required to pay all deposits required at property and Occupancy fee. If property needs inspection then the landlord needs to be contacted.


Owners – You will be required to pay all deposits and Occupancy permit fee and Property Maintenance Inspection if EXPIRED. Owners will also be

held responsible for any unpaid balances left by a tenant.


Building Permits Fees – are good for 1 year from paid and filled out.


New Home Residential
New Home Fee:

Square Feet:

0-1,500                        $325.00

1,501-2,000                 $430.00

2,001-above                $535.00


New Commercial Building

$275.00 plus .11 cents per Sq. Foot

Residential Rehab Permit $110.00

Commercial Rehab $220.00

Mobile Home 1st Setting in Mobile Home Park $80.00



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Roof                 $275.00 plus .11 per Sq. Foot

Defined as any roof not part of the owners primary residence, Property used solely for rental, Rehab and Resale, & all commercial application not

including rehab permit.


All Signs           $50.00 plus .11 Sq. Foot


Fence               $250.00


Fees For Reservations of Park Pavilions

Park Deposits:

Churches, School functions and class re-unions exempt from charges


Pavilions 1 and 5… First come first serve basis


Pavilions 2,3,4,6 and 7… Reservation Required


Residents in Dupo City Limits             $25.00 Fee (Non Refundable)


Residents in School District #196       $50.00 Fee (Non Refundable)


Outside City Limits and District          $100.00 Fee (Non Refundable)

Or Corporate/Company Event

(This also applies to Residents)


For Fees make out all checks to the Dupo Community Park or Village of Dupo.


Violation of Provisions of the park ordinance is punishable by a fine of no less than $50.00 and not more than $500. Village of Dupo, Chapter 28,

Article 2, Section 5.


Pavilions 4 & 5 are on Lindeman Ave side

Pavilion 3 big

Pavilions 1 & 2 are on Bluffview School Ln

Pavilions 6 & 7 by baseball field


Rules for Reserving Ball Field

  1. No Charge For Reserving Ball Field
  2. Weekend Tournaments Override A Single Game
  3. Cannot Reserve For Practice Games Only
  4. Cannot Reserve The Same Day Of The Week More Than 2 Consecutive Weeks


**Need Copy of Certificate of Insurance**