[expand title=”If you Smell Gas?“]

Natural gas is lighter than air and has no odor. To help you detect the presence of natural gas, a strong odorant that smells like rotten eggs is added.

If you smell this odor:

1. Exit the building immediately.

2. Do not use matches, lighters, electrical swicthes, appliances or your telephone.

3. Call from a nearby building by dialing 618-286-3280. Do not re-renter the building until Village of Dupo has declared it safe.

We urge you to call us the first time you smell the odor of natural gas. The Village of Dupo personnel will be happy to assist you. This service is

provided free, 7-days a week, 24 hours a day.


[expand title=”Call Before you Dig.“]

Before you dig any hole in the street or your yard, call JULIE toll-free number 1-800-924-ol23, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s a free service

to markout underground water, sewer, electric and gas utility lines. You must call two days prior to digging or excavating. Help prevent damage to

property or injury by making the call before you dig.

[expand title=”Safety Tips.“]

For your safety never use your oven or range to heat your home. Gas fireplaces and space heaters are meant for added warmth, not a main source of
heating. Remember to turn these appliances off before you go to bed or leave your home. Hot water can be dangerous and cause serious burns. If your
hot water is above 125 degrees, it’s too hot! To avoid a potential accident, lower your water heater thermostat setting to 125 degrees or less.
Know your meter location. and keep the area free of snow and ice. Use a broom to remove snow from your meter. Exercise care when shoveling,
plowing or snow blowing in the area around your meter. Your natural gas appliances should have a clear, steady blue flame. Small amounts of yellow
and orange are normal and may occur occasionally. Be sure to schedule a service call by a qualified professional if your appliance is not operating
in this manner. If you wish to insulate your natural gas water heater, please be sure to choose an insulation blanket manufactured specifically
for natural gas water heaters Change the filter on your furnace at least once a year. Dust and pet hair can collect and block the airflow.
Never attach electrical grounding wires to gas piping inside or outside you house. Consult with a licensed electrician.


[expand title=”Tune Up Your Heating System.“]

Keep the area around your furnace and water heater clear. It’s important to have your heating equipment checked for safety and efficiency.

When your gas fired appliances don’t work right, they may produce carbon monoxide: a colorless, odorless, and potentially dangerous gas.


[expand title=”Carbon Monoxide Poisoning“]

Learn to recognize the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning:

headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, weakness, vision or hear-ing impairment and drowsiness. If you notice these symptoms and suspect that

carbon monoxide is the cause, you should:

1. Get’some fresh air immediately.

2. Contact Village of Dupo.

3. Seek medical help.

Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Check for these indications that your heating system requires service:

1. The presence of soot or carbon deposits on your heating equipment

2. Clogged chimneys and flues

3. Rusted or rotted flues


[expand title=”Help Prevent Heating system problems“]

Do not cover floor vents with rugs Have a qualified professional check your natural gas appliances once a year Keep all external vents and chimneys

unblocked and free from debris.  Use external vents .for all gas appliances where appropriate Keep the area around your furnace clear Make sure your

chimney and flue are inspected and cleaned of residues if you recently converted your heating system from oil to natural gas If you have no heat and

all other appliances are not functioning, call Village of Dupo immediately. We will respond as soon as possible.  If you choose not to call Village

of Dugo and decide to call a private repair service to fix the problem, we will not be responsible for any charges you incur. If you smell gas

exit the building immediately. Call Village of Dupo from a nearby telephone by dialing 618-286-3280.


[expand title=”Check your Heating System“]

Don’t wait for the first cold snap of autumn to find out your natural gas heating system is not working. Instead, have it serviced annually by a

Heating Contractor during the warmer months to ensure safe and efficient operation when the cold weather arrives.


[expand title=”Conserve Energy.“]

Conservation may reduce your energy bills and helps preserve the environment. Here are some tips to help make your home more energy efficiency

and comfortable:

Install low flow shower heads to reduce water use.

Insulate ceilings and sidewalls to keep heat inside your home.

Weather strip and caulk around doors and windows.

Install and maintain storm windows and doors.

Tune-up your furnace for the winter and change your filters regularly.

Keep your thermostat at the lowest comfortable setting.

Close your fireplace damper when the fire is out.

Turn your water heater down to a low or medium setting.

Fix leaky faucets that waste energy and water.