Village of Dupo

Utilities Dept.

107 N. Second St.

Dupo, IL 62239

Phone: 286-3280


NOTE 10% of Gross Bill will be added, if not paid by 15th of current month.

Bills payable at Facility Village Hall, 107 N. Second St., Dupo.  Bring this statement in for receipt. Bill subject to correction.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Closed Saturday and Sunday.


Billing Codes 

BF – Balance Forward

PN – Penalty

Ml – Miscellaneous

SG – Service Charge GAS

SW – Service Charge WATER

WA – Water

GA – Gas

SE – Sewer

TX – Tax

ST – Sewer Tap Fee

TR – Trash

CH – Chlorine Cost

GF- Gas Facility Charge

EL – Electric

WF – Water Facility Charge

GW- Grass Weeds