Most frequent questions:

1. What are our hours of operation? Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 4:30 p.m.

Closed Saturday & Sunday and certain Holidays.

2. How much to rent a pavilion? Residents in Dupo Limits: $25.00, Residents

in School District #196 $50.00, Outside City Limits and District or

Corporate/Corporate Event (this also applies to residents): $100.00,

Churches, School functions and class re-unions exempt from charges.

3. Is the police department still across the street? Yes and they can be

reached at 286-3280. If no answer the dispatcher number is 286-4884.

4. Can I pay without having my bill? Yes

5. What days can I burn? Thursday thru Sunday and must be in a

barrel/container on your property.

6. Are you using the drive thru? Yes, look for open lane.

7. Who do I complain to for high grass? Police station.

8. Where is the night box? Back of Village Hall, just follow signs.

9. Do I have to take trash service? Yes if you are in city limits.

10. Why was my bill estimated? Bill estimated due to gate being locked, too

cold to read, water in meter, ect.